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About us

Fiskskaldjur is a family business that has run fish shops for over 35 years.

In 2017, we started with the idea of ​​offering fresh fish in Stockholm in the same way as it is available in Gothenburg. The fish auction in Gothenburg is the largest Swedish fish market and here fish is traded by wholesalers, to be distributed in Sweden, and by fishmongers in Gothenburg who prepare and sell the products around the city.

With over 35 years of experience in handling, preparing and selling seafood of the highest quality, we have offered the very best sea products in Sweden in various stores around Gothenburg. When we sold seafood in Feskekôrka, we heard from visiting Stockholmers about the demand for the products in the Capital. In 2017, we took over and opened the first fish store in Stockholm, on Kungsholmen.

Since the start in Stockholm, we have bought seafood from the fishing boats in the morning and transported the goods to Stockholm to be able to offer delights in the afternoon the same day. We are the only ones in Stockholm to buy, prepare, transport the same day and sell the products in our stores. We have 4 fish shops in Stockholm and 2 fish shops in Gothenburg. Now we also want to offer the products for Swiss residents.

In recent years, we have received many inquiries about offering our products abroad, many from Switzerland. We have tested different ways to get the goods down, but have understood that if we, with our philosophy and accuracy in product quality, are to be able to make our products available to Swiss residents, we must take care of the transport ourselves. This is to ensure the quality and freshness of the goods during transport all the way to you, in the same way as we did for Stockholm residents. We will, for you in Switzerland, buy products in the morning that are packed and delivered the next day in Switzerland as the freshest Scandinavian sea products in the country.


Joakim Hvarfvenius

My name is Joakim Hvarfvenius, who runs the Switzerland project, one of the sons in the family. My task is to ensure that Swedish and Scandinavian sea products of the highest quality and freshness are available to all those who want them in Switzerland. If you have questions, ideas or thoughts about the entire initiative, I welcome all contact. It's me you will meet when you place an order and have it delivered to Switzerland.

Whatsapp / Phone: +46703101719

Fisk, skaldjur, delikatesser, räkor direkt från Göteborg till Schweiz

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