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Freshest seafood in Switzerland
Family business with 40+ years experience 
Home delivery Fridays 

About us

Fiskskaldjur is a family business that has been providing the freshest and finest seafood of the highest quality in Sweden for over 40 years.

We are a company that specializes in delivering the freshest seafood from the Gothenburg seafood market and since 2021 we have offered our products directly to people living in Switzerland. 

Our mission is simple: to bring the taste of Gothenburg's finest seafood to your table. We believe that the key to a great meal starts with the quality of the ingredients, and that's why we source our products directly from the Swedish seafood market. Our products are caught fresh and brought to you in the shortest possible time, ensuring that you get the freshest seafood possible.

We take pride in delivering the freshest seafood to our customers in Switzerland. Our commitment to quality means that we carefully pack and transport the products by ourselves to ensure that they arrive in the same condition as they left the Swedish seafood market. We want you to experience the same taste and freshness that you would get if you were in Gothenburg.

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